5 Things Most People Don’t Know about the Phoenix Assisted Living Community.

Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding area has one of the largest retirement communities in the nation, and why not? The air and the weather are generally much more pleasant than
freezing yourself in your senior years in cities like Fargo, North Dakota.

There are upwards of 100 senior living facilities in the Phoenix Area, some of average decor and staff, and some of outright luxury, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in finding one that will accommodate you and meet your needs.

Here, are some surprising thing most people don’t know about Phoenix Assisted Living that may interest you:


  • #1. The food is surprisingly good. There’s an old joke about a nun who entered and Abby and was told that she could only say two words ever 10 years. After the first 10 years she said, “food bad.” After the second 10 years she said, “bed hard.” After the final 10 years she said, “I quit,” tp which the head monk said, “Well, I’m not surprised, all you’ve done since you came her is complain.”
  • But today, one of the things seniors demand is good tasting food and assisted living staff pays a great deal of attention to the food, making sure it is not only tasty but nutritious. Most nursing homes will outshine local restaurants, and in addition, many have kitchenettes in the room to self-prepare your favorites.
  • #2. Visiting hours are anytime you and your guests feel like itGone are the days when most nursing homes acted like hospitals. Today, nursing homes are open at 2 a.m. for guests to visit it suits a resident. Assisted living homes want to do everything possible to encourage visitation.
  • #3. Movie theatres, swimming pools and more. Not only do many assisted living facilities show movies, sporting events, and more, but most Phoenix assisted living facilities area have swimming pools.First of all, swimming is a fabulous exercise for keeping seniors subtle and active, but in addition, most pools are open to adult guests and their children, making it a lot less difficult to get the grandchildren to visit grandma or grandpa.Senior stay active much more than before, and so do visitors. If you’re struggling with locating an assisted living facility, have a look at the Senior Living Directory for facility reviews and info!
  • #4. Seniors are a fun-loving group. While you will see some sad sights at an assisted living home, in general, most physically fit seniors are very active. They bowl, they play cards, they take up new hobbies such as model-airplane flying, the have Super Bowl parties and they love to take small day trips. Many also take a break from the home and live with their family or go on cruises.Many seniors find that as they get away from pressures of making a living and settle into retirement that it can be an exciting time for them.
  • #5. 85 is the new 65Post Baby Boomers don’t realize the level of health that modern seniors have. The mantra is 85 is the new 65, and expect to see residents not only active but hungry for adventure. The days of quietly sitting in front of the TV until you die are long since over.